Beats wanted the 2012 launch of their new coloured headphones to make a big impact and bring people together. We knew that the target audience had one thing in common: their cherished individuality.

Starting with a launch in the midst of the London Games in 2012, we kickstarted a culture around sound and self-expression that took the world by storm. The result was an additional 1.7 million fans joining the Beats Army, including a 76% growth in Instagram followers and a 57% increase in YouTube subscribers.

As a result of the campaign, Beats by Dr Dre accounted for 80% of all premium headphone sales in the US during the holiday season in 2012, plus 50% of all headphone sales during the same period. Reaching 180 countries, the #showyourcolor campaign was an astronomical success — making Beats by Dr Dre the #1 audio brand and creating just the big impact they wanted.