Ben Miles

Executive Creative Director, Business Transformation

Ben has established a reputation as one of the world’s best brand thinkers and is known for his transformative work with brands and company culture. He has helped shape and shift some of Australia and New Zealand's biggest and boldest brands including Telstra, IGA, Toll, Westpac, SKY NZ, Foxtel, and a number of startups.

Ben subscribes to the complementary forces of optimism and realism. Over the last decade, he’s seen how effective it can be when applied to everyday thinking, and how particularly relevant it is for the future. He believes in creating diverse environments where people are free to explore, collaborate and innovate, and that the best ideas are born from romanticising the problem, understanding human behaviours, and using a healthy dose of lateral thinking. 

Ben is also driven by social good, believing that design has the ability to make positive change in the world. In 2018 he was recognised by Fast Company for a ‘World-changing ideas’ award for the project G’ AY MATE. Developed in support of the Marriage Equality debate in Australia.