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Senior Project Manager

R/GA is looking for a Senior Project Manager, Experience to join its production team. If you’re into working closely in collaboration with smart, creative folks across all the talents it takes to make really interesting things, this is a great place to do that sort of fun.

Our Project Managers work with strategists, designers, and technologists to bring the best experience forward in a manner that is efficient, unique, and meets our partner’s goals and needs in an innovative manner. They also know the risks, necessities, and general processes in bringing innovative digital products to life while also looking towards the future to identify ways to evolve our efforts to maximize efficiencies for the benefit of our partners and R/GA.

Basically, you love making innovative things and leading teams toward doing that in the best way possible.

Here’s what you should know if you want to be a Project Manager, Experience at R/GA:

On any given day you might:

  • Build out scopes, budgets, and cast for product deliverables ranging from initial strategy engagements to tangible delivery of the product to a variety of potential platforms
  • Define the proper product delivery methodology to ensure success across your partners and internal team goals
  • Collaborate and contribute with discipline leads across strategy, design, and technology, to ensure their needs and input is factored into any and all decisions around product development
  • Provide a clear point-of-view to support your team’s decisions around product strategy, design, and development to both partners and internal teams
  • Lead product delivery rituals, such as scrums or grooming, to maintain focus on the product deliverables and guide teams toward success
  • Lead meetings and conference calls, and effectively set up the presentation of creative work.
  • Manage tools to communicate product requirements, deliverable assets, and necessary information to any and all participants in the product’s delivery
  • Manage your team’s burn and investment into the product’s development to ensure fiscal success alongside delivery
  • Call out risks against the product’s delivery and provide solutions around overcoming that risk
  • Recommend new methods and tools for R/GA to utilize as part of our product delivery practice

The ideal person:

  • Understands, crafts, and guides successful product delivery by assessing the needs of the client, your team, and the various drivers and constraints levied on a product’s development
  • Has familiarity with established product delivery methodologies and is able to utilize different processes to address the unique challenges raised by our clients
  • Knows their way around standard project management tools like Asana, Smartsheets, Jira, Trello, Confluence, etc.
  • Feels comfortable to use collaborative tools such as Miro, Lucidchart, MURAL, etc. 
  • Understands the role of a product owner in the process and enforces their involvement in decision making as the product develops
  • Assumes operational responsibility for projects, ensuring great work, on-time delivery and delivering within budget
  • Collaborates across disciplines effectively and can easily adapt the conversation based on audience (think, junior designer to lead developer to CEO)
  • People oriented. Eager to cultivate and grow team members and client relationships.
  • Knows how to problem-solve in service of the product’s success - you don’t say no for the sake of saying it, you have an alternative solution in mind
  • Exceptional listening skills, with an ability to ask the right questions and uncover hidden insights and connect people together in service of innovative solutions and efficient decision making
  • Excellent client service abilities - you’re able to make the process of product delivery relatable to a client, no matter their background as well as satisfy their needs throughout the engagement.
  • Demonstrated humility, collaboration, and leadership skills, combined with optimism, and an inventive and entrepreneurial spirit
  • Business acumen and commercial expertise, with curiosity and a creative mind.
  • Ability to collaborate with strategists, consultants, creatives, and technologists, and an ability to seamlessly integrate and draw from diverse skill sets 
  • Proven team leadership and management experience, with the ability to inspire teams and shepard them toward goals without being condescending
  • Fluency and familiarity with current and emerging technologies, especially in mobile                     

You bring:

  • 4 - 6 years of production, project management, or product management experience, preferably in digital projects.
  • A comprehensive history of leading delivery of products and programs for partners or agencies.
  • Some of that history spent delivering mobile-specific products is recommended 
  • A demonstrative understanding and ability to educate and work within various product delivery methodologies, including Agile, Kanban, Lean UX and others.
  • PMI/Prince2 certification recommended, but not required
  • Agency or Fintech experience preferred, but not required. 
  • Possesses in-depth production understanding across capabilities for product and service delivery, including product strategy, visual and experience design, and technical development.