React Bus Stop



The Challenge

For the launch of Nike React, Nike asked us to develop a campaign celebrating the indescribable sensation of the shoe’s soft bounce. We wanted to engage young people aged 18 to 25, so we chose a bus stop near the University of Buenos Aires Faculty of Law, located in the heart of the city.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1560353744/production/file-5d011bcff70d097e704d1cdc


The Story

The Nike React Bus Stop is an interactive digital billboard that turned the real world into the React world. Placing a camera on the bus shelter’s exterior and a screen inside, we showed people waiting for the bus what was happening around them. To bring the React sensation to life, we interrupted the livestream with animated elements such as a giant bouncing jellybean emerging from the ground, a flying marshmallow unicorn, or a pillow storm to express how wearing Nike React makes you feel.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1560353796/production/file-5d011c02f70d097e704d1d64,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1560353764/production/file-5d011be4cb79737934319a38