next is the most awarded project at Wave Festival

next, Bradesco’s digital bank, was the most awarded project at Wave Festival 2018, one of the most important awards from Latin America. In total, 18 trophies were handed over, being 3 Grand Prix in the categories Mobile, Design and Craft. “This recognition is an important evidence of what a visionary client and an agency that knows how to mix consultancy, innovation and marketing can achieve together”, says Fabiano Coura, SVP Managing Director at R/GA São Paulo.


Coura refers to the challenge of creating, in partnership with Bradesco, a new digital bank practically from scratch, with a whole new ecosystem of services and products. From the concept “Faz Acontecer”, next is willing to meet the needs of a whole generation that has optimism, entrepreneurship and the willingness to accomplish something as priorities in life. Apart from Bradesco’s brand structure, the product and campaign were developed to build a transparent relation with millennials and, in a proactive way, boost financial education so these youngsters can balance their assets management with the capacity of fulfilling their future dreams.


“It has been more than two years of work side-by-side with Bradesco’s teams. This project defines a new model of relationship, where agency and client work as one. In the traditional model, we wouldn’t be able to land a case like next’s. In this case, the agency is inside the client, working together, learning the problems and the needs for innovation, rather than simply observing it through a creative look in the end of a briefing. The result of this successful partnership is highlighted on the prizes next has been awarded since it was launched, in the end of the last year”, evaluates Coura, referring to the 48 trophies the project has received so far.