R/GA at SXSW 2019

SXSW is around the corner. This year’s festival will host a number of R/GA employees who will each share their insights with attendees. We hope to bump into you there!


Saturday, March 9th

The Future of the North American Soccer Experience

Who: Stephen Plumlee, Vice Chairman, Global Chief Operating Officer, R/GA,  Will Exline (Twitter), Kate Riley (CNN), Chris Schlosser (MLS)

11:00am – JW Marriott Salon 1-2

Major League Soccer has emerged as one of the fastest growing leagues, featuring a unique young, diverse, millennial-fueled supporter culture, and the most tech savvy fan base of any North American sport. As the league continues to grow – expansion teams in Cincinnati, Nashville and Miami, new state-of-the-art soccer stadiums – how is Major League Soccer staying out in front of the shifting expectations and consumption habits of millennial and Gen Z fans? In this panel, MLS leadership and innovation partners will showcase emerging technologies the league is leveraging to deepen fan engagement, enhance the stadium experience, and evolve on-field technology.


The Wellness Advantage: Why Smart Women Put Themselves First

Who: Adrienne Walpole, Managing Director, Client Services, R/GA, Katie Austin (Fitness Personality), Steph Loffredo (Huge in DC), Jaclyn Ruelle (The Martin Agency), If a Babatunde (LinkedIn)

5:00-5:45pm - The Palm Door on Sabine - 401 Sabine St, Austin, TX 78701

In a hyperconnected world, there are fewer opportunities to disconnect and invest in our wellbeing. Why is it important for today’s workplace leaders -- especially women -- to harness wellness as a strategy for success? In this discussion, business leaders share why wellness is essential for top-tier performance and for achieving long term goals.


Sunday, March 10th

The Age of AI-Powered Search

Who: Christine Song, Senior Connections Planner, R/GA, Geoff Colon (Microsoft), Jim Kensicki (Catalyst), Stephen Lepitak (The Drum)

10:30am - Drinks Lounge, 2001 E. Cesar Chavez Street 

Over the last decade both search and display based marketing have shifted in order to help consolidate and bring order to the data and to increase advertising effectiveness. The shift has happened on two fronts: First, in the move from placements or keywords to targeting specific audiences.And second in the movement to reach those specific audiences from human based buying and optimization to AI based buying and to optimization. Join The Drum, in association with Bing, in the session where we discuss how search, programmatic and native based buying are converging around data on intent, and audience based buying.


Women are Building the Brands We’ve Always Wanted

Who: AJ Hassan, VP, Executive Creative Director, R/GA, Rachel Blumenthal (Rockets of Awesome), Amanda Clark (Taco Bell), Jamie Gilpin (Sprout Social, Inc)

12:30pm – Fairmont Congressional C

Human brands. This term has become an aspirational goal for businesses across the globe, sparked by an evolution in the desire for a person, instead of a persona, behind the brand. Gone are the days of positioning and control; consumers are demanding authenticity and connection. But why is this only recently realized? Our panel of powerhouse marketers will dig into the increasing purchasing power of women, the impact women are having on brand marketing as well as how more representation in the C-Suite is helping to forge a new frontier for brands to prioritize being open, real and empathetic.


Male Champions for Change: How to Promote Gender Equality in the Workplace

Who: John Tubert, Executive Technology Director, R/GA, Shelley Zalis (The Female Quotient), Tony Drockton (Hammitt), John Gerzema (The Harris Poll), Sid Bhatia (PwC), Tony Effik (NBCUniversal), Eric Jacks (Collab, Inc)

3:00-3:45pm - The Palm Door on Sabine - 401 Sabine St, Austin, TX 78701

For the first time ever, we have five generations in the workplace at once. How can men across different generations work together on navigating shifting gender roles? In this discussion, business leaders will share insights on their commitment to gender equality and why male champions are necessary to reach parity.


Dani Herrera Mentor Session

Who: Dani Herrera, Associate Director, Recruitment, R/GA

3:30 – 4:45pm – JW Marriott

Mentor Sessions offer 15 minutes of one-on-one interaction with industry leaders and professionals from a variety of fields spanning interactive, film, and music.

Meeting with this Mentor is highly recommended if you’re interested in Job Interviews mentorship, Career Coaching, Diversity and Inclusion, Career Mentorship, Career Changes, and Getting your first job in Tech.


Women in the Future of Storytelling

Who: Christine Song, Senior Connections Planner, R/GA, Kimberlee Archer (Facebook), Mary Kate Called (Viacom), Joanna Popper (HP)

4:00-4:45pm - The Palm Door on Sabine - 401 Sabine St, Austin, TX 78701

The world of storytelling is exploding – new tools, platforms, experiences and immersive ways to engage their audiences. These panelists discuss how the female perspective drives their approach and how they use new tools, old tenets and breakthrough practices to empower and co-create with their audiences.


Internet Stories at Ignite SXSW

Who: John Tubert, Executive Technology Director, R/GA + many more!

5:00pm – Austin Convention Center, Room 10AB

10 speakers will share their stories & tips about the internet. Each speakers gets 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for 5 minutes on stage. It's going to be awesome.


Monday, March 11th

The Future of a Smart, Connected World: Data, AI, 5G, IoT

3:00pm – Galvanize: 119 Nueces St, Austin TX, 78701

Speakers: Candice Hahn, Ganesh Padmanabhan (Cognitive Scale), Usman Shuja (Spark Cognition), Dustin Haisler, e.Republic)

We’ve amassed experts from around the world - from industry, government, startups, NGOS, academia - to answer those big questions. And we’re going to have a great time doing it.


Tuesday, March 12th

Rise of Augmented Intelligence and Query-able Brand

Who: Matt Marcus, SVP, Executive Creative Director, R/GA, Michael Morowitz, Executive Technology Director, R/GA, Tom Evans (The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas), Clara de Soto (Reply.ai)

11:00am – Fairmont Congressional B

The next wave of consumer engagement transformation is happening at the intersection of Augmented Intelligence technology and brand expression. Intelligent platforms, augmented by a full suite of business services, are changing the way we engage with customers. With a strategic combination of creativity and technology, we can now capture consumer intent and finally deliver on the digital promise of one-to-one customer relationships. In this conversation, we’ll take a look at how AI technologies give us the power to scale these solutions to drive tremendous value to customers and the business alike.


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