R/GA launches series of content with practices for brands and companies

COVID-19 is an unusual and unprecedented scenario. Companies suddenly had to adapt to the home office and brands and businesses needed to change their plans.

Reflecting that both need to adjust to continue operating and communicating in this context, the agency created the series of content ‘Future Vision: Best practices’, which address strategies and practices for adaptation, collaboration, creativity and technology. It is a collaborative initiative of the strategy team around the world.

The first in the series is ‘Helping connected brands thrive in the midst of the crisis'. Six fundamental behaviors and initial reflections are listed. The objective is to inspire the first steps of a major change in mentality, which the agency imagines should happen over the next few months.

The series is being shared with R/GA customers and the market, believing that any collaboration is welcome at this point.

It is important to remember that this is not an opportunity to capitalize and brands should not be linked opportunistically to moments of crisis.

Access R/GA material here: http://www.rga.com.br/FutureVision/MelhoresPraticas.pdf