R/GA London Launches Illustrated Children’s Story

"From My Window," narrated by the children of R/GA London, aims to help kids better understand the impact of COVID-19.

London, April 9, 2020 Launching today, R/GA London has created "From My Window" – a beautifully illustrated story that was designed as a tool for parents to reframe the relationship their kids have with the everyday world, and help them better understand the impact of COVID-19 in a language more suited to them. Aimed at kids 4-8, "From My Window" tells the story of a little chick and his family during the quarantine and is narrated by the children of R/GA London. The story can be found in an IGTV post on R/GA’s official Instagram page, as well as can be read to children as a digital storybook, here.

“This idea originally started as an internal project to help give the parents of R/GA London something to create positivity and optimism for their children, and help them better understand what is happening in a language they really get," said Rebecca Bezzina, SVP Managing Director R/GA London. "As the project evolved, the team's passion led us to create a beautiful story that we then wanted to share with the wider community, in the hope it might help children better understand that the current situation is temporary and not permanent.’’

With schools and nurseries now shut, kids across the UK will be asking a lot of questions about their current situation. But with news feeds and social media often not suitable for children, it’s increasingly tough for families to be able to explain the situation to their kids in such a way that isn’t influenced by adult speculation and that doesn't make them more fearful of the situation. For kids, situations can feel bigger and more permanent when they are not explained in a language they understand – which is how the "From My Window" story by R/GA came to be.

The illustrations & animations were created by R/GA London Creative Director, Igor Pancaldi, with words by Senior Copywriter, James Greening.



Full agency credits:

  • Igor Pancaldi – Creative Director / Illustrator
  • James Greening – Sr. Copywriter
  • Andre Le Masurier – Chief Creative Officer
  • Rebecca Bezzina – SVP Managing Director
  • George Griffiths – Executive Director, Marketing and Communications
  • Ed Watts – Senior Strategist
  • Rob Campbell – Head of Strategy
  • Anna Rosenthal – Account Lead
  • David Welch – Content Supervision
  • Jack Padgham – Editor
  • Ellie Hook – Production Assistant