R/GA’s “No Limits” Named One of Forbes’ Top Social Marketing Campaigns of 2019

New York, NY, January 22 – Forbes recognized Mercedes-Benz and Mattel’s “No Limit” in its annual roundup of the best social marketing campaigns. The campaign, created in partnership with R/GA, included, “Unexpected Champion” a film about race car driver, Ewy Rosqvist, the first woman to win a long-distance car rally in the 1962 Argentinian Grand Prix.

R/GA and Mercedes-Benz also partnered with Mattel to transform Ewy’s championship Mercedes-Benz 220SE into a limited edition die-cast Matchbox car. It was unveiled with the “No Limits” spot to illuminate how gender stereotypes are shaped early and to challenge the notion that toy cars are only for boys. The Matchbox cars will be available to purchase across the U.S. in 2020 and will also be donated to thousands of classrooms along with a discussion guide for teachers.

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