A/R Jordan



The Challenge

The Jordan brand is built on the heroics of a single man—a man that would become known as the Greatest Of All Time. However, greatness doesn’t always translate to timelessness, especially at the speed of today’s digitally turbo-charged culture.


Nike was facing a unique challenge: For the first time, the Jordan brand would be selling Jordans to a generation that has never witnessed “His Airness” lace up. MJ’s feats were becoming almost mythical, lauded by his older brother, peeped in ripped YouTube clips, but never seen with this generation’s own eyes. How do we bring Michael Jordan's prowess on court to life—in a way that would connect with basketball’s teenage fans?


The Story

2018 marked the first time the Jordan brand would be hosting the NBA All-Star Weekend. It was a fitting time for R/GA to launch the world’s first shoppable augmented reality experience, as iconic as the moment it was replicating.


All-Star Weekend 2018 marked 30 years since MJ’s 1988 Slam Dunk Contest win, the scene of the iconic Free Throw Line Dunk and one of the most memorable moments in NBA history.


To show a generation what greatness truly looks like, R/GA partnered with Jordan Brand to put MJ back on the court, attacking the rim in the same pose the world witnessed in ’88 and which inspired the brand's logo.


Selecting Snapchat as the platform this generation sees the world through, R/GA turned Air Jordan into “A/R Jordan.” Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, His Airness was imposed onto a geofenced court in downtown LA, where fans could bear witness to his Free Throw Line Dunk in MJ’s full 6.6”—frozen a full five feet from the ground.


The experience didn’t stop there. With a tap of the screen, viewers could cop the latest drop of the Air Jordan III—an update on the very same sneaker that Jordan wore in ’88—which was delivered to their home address within two hours. And once ASW was over, fans across America could unlock the experience.


R/GA and Jordan Brand orchestrated a three-way tech collaboration between Snapchat as the exclusive social network, Shopify as the check-out partner, and Darkstore as the fulfillment and delivery platform.


The result was a slam dunk. The sneaker sold out in only 23 minutes, smashing Snapchat’s stats—the A/R lens quadrupled previous engagement levels—and raising the bar for shoppable video.

"Air Jordan e-commerce dunk."
- The Wall Street Journal

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