The Challenge

Brazilian life is fraught with uncertainty, both politically & economically, a fact that explains why only 5% of the population invests. So when it came time to launch Ágora Investments in the Brazilian market, we couldn’t just launch another investment company, we needed to show how investing with Ágora would ease those uncertainties and make customers' lives better.



The Story



To do this, we made people’s concerns the center point of our campaign. We used Google Insights to identify real-life uncertainties at each stage of life and showcased how investing with Ágora transforms those uncertainties into plans. As with any newcomer to investing, a certain amount of info is required in order to personalize recommendations.


However, unlike most brokers, Ágora doesn't send users a long and complicated questionnaire that has the potential to confuse and deter. In setting up a profile with Ágora, questions are presented in the form of simple statement cards just like a dating app, it’s a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Once all questions have been answered, the platform depicts three simulations of the future return of that portfolio: a simulation with limited growth, an expected simulation, and an optimistic one. The interface has improved the speed and simplicity of opening an account.



2019 Campaign

The 2019 campaign film addresses the decision to invest in a human and inspiring way, showing the moments of reflection that permeate people's thoughts.


In the film, it is possible to follow the questions that everyone asks - both regarding personal and professional life - before making some decisions or attitudes. Phrases appear on the screen indicating some stages of life and raising questions such as: "is it possible to invest the money for the internship", "are we going to have children?" or "can I still change careers?". A graphic design turns the questions into an end point, showing that that uncertainty becomes a plan of action.

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