Beyond Time



The Challenge

For the launch of Shiseido’s Global Innovation Center in Yokohama, Japan, R/GA Tokyo was asked to create an experience that would bring to life their new brand purpose: Beauty Innovations for a Better World. The experience also needed to highlight Shiseido’s long history of scientific research and make visitor’s see Shiseido for the innovative company it is.


To achieve all this, we built a time machine.


The Story

Japan has the world’s fastest-aging population. Yet 9 out of 10 Japanese fear growing old.


From our previous work with Shiseido on The Crayon Project, we knew they have decades of scientific research on how Japanese age. We wanted to harness that data for good – this time, helping people embrace the beauty of aging.


Beyond Time is an immersive, interactive, deep-tech installation that allows two people to seemingly break the boundaries of time. The project leverages Shiseido’s facial data to develop a world-first, scientifically accurate, fully 3D, real-time Age Simulation Engine. Instead of focusing on how we look at different stages in our lives, the experience was designed to help people reassess their relationship with time through the lens of their closest relationships.


Participants can experience the spectrum of aging with a loved one, in an instant: a parent becomes younger than their child; lovers glimpse each other before they met; friends grow old together in the blink of an eye. Every time jump prompts conversations around our memories, hopes and dreams, building to a growing realization of what we can look forward to growing older.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1584135535/production/file-5e6bfd6fecde6b2cce8a1103,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1584135556/production/file-5e6bfd84d83a383af74c5b9d,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1584135567/production/file-5e6bfd8f5c0a391e3f4c29fb,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1584135579/production/file-5e6bfd9becde6b2cce8a110b

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