The Challenge

The Samsung Galaxy A is a phone targeted at Gen-Z, but Gen-Z was turning their backs on Samsung. This is a generation that’s on their phones 24/7 and is highly sensitive to the usual advertising BS. So, to promote the Galaxy A and win back Gen-Z, we couldn’t rely on the same old song and dance, we had to create a new one—literally. 



The Story

The first question we had to answer was, if Gen-Z doesn’t like advertising, what do they like? We dug into the numbers and identified the three things a generation that lives on their phones care about most—an awesome screen, awesome camera and long-lasting battery life—then we gave it to them straight by turning those exact words into a song, and a dance with the help of K-pop mega-band BLACKPINK.


This collaboration spanned the globe, with creative and production teams in NY and Seoul working to find a window on BLACKPINK’s busy schedule to capture this future-facing jingle. Using only the Galaxy A itself to film and record, we dropped the #danceAwesome challenge on Gen-Z’s favorite hangout spot, TikTok. 


Thanks to the no-nonsense nature of the lyrics, every time someone took part in the challenge they were dancing with BLACKPINK while promoting the key features of the Galaxy A. This meant that the 4M user-generated videos for the #danceAwesome challenge essentially became the Galaxy A campaign. And with over 20B views and 850,000K new fans for Samsung on TikTok, a lot of people saw our campaign. 


These big numbers on TikTok saw social media conversations about the Samsung Galaxy A skyrocket 19X, generating a 130% lift in brand favorability and a 190% lift in purchase intent in key markets. This all added up to Samsung’s most successful social campaign of all time, and more importantly, a whole lot of singing and dancing.