Le Creuset e-commerce

Le Creuset


The Challenge

Le Creuset asked R/GA London to help transform the brand and create a next-generation e-commerce platform. We needed to expand the magic of Le Creuset across its entire digital experience and create relationships that last as long as the cookware itself.



The Story

Re-imagining its digital ecosystem has been an ongoing priority for Le Creuset. Unsurprisingly, Covid-19 accelerated the need for a market leading e-commerce platform.


We designed an experience to capture the unique DNA of Le Creuset, one that mixes commerce with content, and scales across all touchpoints. First, we developed a new target: ‘The Colourful Cook’. Then set about designing a new visual language, a new tone of voice, and entirely new experience language for them. The result has enabled Le Creuset to expand and elevate its brand storytelling across its entire customer journey.
Our experience unifies, simplifies and refines how the brand showcases its products; celebrates its heritage, and strengthens its stake in food culture. Our modular and scalable system, moves beyond a transactional ecommerce experience and creates services that build long lasting and meaningful relationships. By defining tone of voice and experience language we’ve helped streamline merchandising and publishing workflows.
The new editorial approach tells product stories that embrace heritage, brand ethos, innovation and even Le Creuset’s co-workers. The experience changes the customer conversation from price to value. LeCreuset.com now helps people buy products, but it also adapts to their ever-changing lives, offering everything from recipes and events, to services and lifestyle partnerships.

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