Neutrogena It is not guesswork. It's science.



The Challenge

Skin care, from the simplest routine to the most complex, with several steps, always involves many uncertainties. Suitable products and homemade recipes are frequent themes in dermatological practices. So, how to demystify beliefs and reinforce Neutrogena as a leading brand in the subject?


The Story

Thinking about how to help their consumers with the main doubts, we created the campaign “It is not a guess. It's science ”, which brings in a light and fun way, questions presented by Giovanna Ewbank, Thaynara OG and Karen Bachini. In 30-second videos, influencers have their questions solved by Neutrogena scientists, who demystify classic skincare thinking and bring solutions with the brand's products and a lot of science behind the formulas.



And as an answer: 9.1MM views of the videos on Facebook and 30.3MM on Youtube, consumers free from guessing and the message that science proves the superiority of the formulas of our products: all the SKUs of the campaign "It's not guessing, it's science" gain share in SO'20.




• NTG is the fastest growing brand among the main brands in the face market: + 39% in value in YTD;


• We maintain a record share in Face and Body, sustaining sell out levels reached during the hydration season;


• Face is the category that most contributed to the total share in SO'20 vs 19


• NTG Body remains as # 2 brand in the market in value in SO’20


• Hydro Boost remains a major highlight: in face of sustaining record share, growing + 140% in YTD; in body, the line reaches a new record share and grows + 240% in YTD,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1607635922/production/file-5fd293d27f96b33cb10005e0

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