Neutrogena Sun fresh



The Challenge

Although we live the summer all year round, people have the feeling that it can only be enjoyed on the beach and in the pool and for this reason, they hardly use sunscreen in urban daily life. And even if they wanted to use it, the texture and smell end up being a nuisance. We then had the chance to change this perception and structure the guidelines we wanted for this campaign, since the new Neutrogena Sun Fresh formula was designed just for people to enjoy the summer anywhere.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1606824208/production/file-5fc6311040a4df307a6c1ff6


The Story

We started from a true insight (people think that summer is only lived on the beach) and take advantage of existing behaviors to spread our message.


Together with Facebook and the brand team, we mapped digital influencers who had exactly the lifestyle we wanted: people who live the summer in their own "Urban Oases". Representing diversity of genders, bodies, skins and races. We seek to do an action that generates conversation, noise and above all entertainment. A summer hit: Duda Beat. A singer of the new generation of Brazilian artists with a huge connection with young audiences and movements that seek to empower women. Duda was chosen to be the muse of the urban summer, we launched a new version of the hit "Vem Quente, que eu estou fervendo", by Erasmo Carlos through three clips, which heated up in every way: rhythm, colors, costumes and beat . And to disseminate the content, each version ran on the thermometers according to the current temperature at the place where the audience watches the videos, using date and geolocation. The "heated" version appeared in places where the thermometers marked up to 27 degrees, the "hot", between 28 and 33 degrees and the "boiling", above 33 degrees.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1606824258/production/file-5fc6314240a4df7f646c1ff7



Choreographies, Make Up Challenges, soundtrack at BBB, and lots of Reggae, Reggaeton, Brega Funk and sunscreen. With the campaign, we increased sales of Neutrogena Sun Fresh by 76%.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1607635504/production/file-5fd292307f96b30876fff8bf