The Challenge

The financial market is one of the most dynamic in existence, where you need to innovate all the time to remain competitive, mainly digital banks. Interfaces, branding and design must have integrated technology and humanization. The next digital bank has already become a benchmark in these areas - for the 3rd consecutive year, in 2020, it was elected the Best Digital Bank in Brazil by Global Finance magazine - placing the customer always at the center of decisions. Now next launches its new product, nextJoy. A free digital account for minors, which helps in the financial learning processes in an interactive, stimulating and responsible way. The digital account is customizable and features characters from franchises like Disney. Our challenge was to create the branding for the new product, communication and launch the product launch campaign, which needed to communicate with parents but also with the target audience: young people and children.


The Story

To get the attention of this new audience, our strategy was to involve people in the story of the launch of the campaign by making young people and children identify with the content, looking for more information and interaction. The campaign "Make Magic Happen" encourages the little ones to know their finances and learn to value each achievement, always with the authorization and supervision of their parents, mothers and legal guardians. In the film, entitled “Mission Present”, four friends are on a secret mission to make a birthday surprise for a colleague. For the plan to work, they rely on nextJoy. The film was directed by Daniel Rezende, the only Brazilian nominated for an Oscar® in the editing category and director of iconic films such as the live action of Turma da Mônica and Bingo.



The film "Missão Secreta" had over 90MM views and was the second most watched campaign by Brazilians on Youtube in the month of release, October.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1606931827/production/file-5fc7d57314925c7fb76e11ee


The branding

The concept came from the functionality of the app that was created for the financial education of young people and children, connecting them to parents so that together they learn and develop the value of achievements.


We use references from the children's universe with the challenge of also talking to teenagers, looking for famous films and series to insert in the campaign through Easter eggs. The campaign speaks to all universes and is aligned with the next digital bank, which is fully connected. Branding is the main pillar for launching the campaign. We create the entire visual identity of the product through an elastic design system, as well as the next. We look for this for nextJoy bringing a modularity that allows to delight children, excite teenagers and talk to parents. We adapted the icons of next to a new, more playful imaginary unifying all the universes in a unique design system.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1606931785/production/file-5fc7d54949ea6ac372934ab5