Before That


“Before That” leads up to the Female Football World Cup, taking place in France next June. Started by Argentine football players Ruth Bravo, Estefanía Banini and Belén Potassa, leaders of the transformation that is taking place in the local football scene, the campaign points out the obstacles and barriers that women need to overcome to have access to sport and reach their goals. 

The piece celebrates the inclusive nature of sport and its power to enhance human potential. It’s aligned with Nike’s global “Just Do It” positioning, which encourages all athletes to chase their dreams, even if they seem crazy.

The starting point of the campaign was the story of Candelaria Cabrera, an eight-year-old girl from the city of Chabás, Santa Fe province, who had to beat prejudices and get permission from the local league authorities to play mixed soccer until she turns ten. Eventually, committing the league to create a league for girls.

Nike and R/GA unites the story of the different characters in a reverse chronology that begins with the dream of being a champion and goes through all the difficulties that women have to face to practice the sport they love.

R/GA Offices

Buenos Aires