Nike Move!



The Challenge

Kids today are less active than they’ve ever been, and as a result, are dropping out of sport at an unprecedented rate. The everyday relationship they have with sport is tarnished due to the level of competition, pressure to perform, and the absence of fun.


Nike’s vision for the next generation is to reposition what sport means to them. Getting kids back into sport by injecting play into their daily lives through engaging and motivating ways.


The Story

Nike collaborated with R/GA to create Nike Move! Nike’s first ever workout series aimed at getting kids moving more.


The series features Nike trainer Kim Ngo, who brings her expertise to guided workouts where movement and imagination are merged together. Alongside Kim Ngo, our ‘Kidfluencers’ – Leany Danse, Ashanti Akpan and Rayssa Leal – bring their own style inspired by key sports to the different workout routines. Set in engaging, animated worlds, the workouts show kids that they can do these fun workouts almost anywhere. Yes, even in a jungle with coconuts flying towards you.


The campaign’s already been a huge hit, reaching 86K views globally.


You can see the workouts here to get moving!,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1579283643/production/file-5e21f4bb96d0896ec10b6f27,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1579283427/production/file-5e21f3e3d26b6f69f7742a43