Mercedes-Benz No Limits



The Challenge

Despite making progress in recent years, the auto industry remains heavily male​-​dominated. With a rich history of trailblazing women, Mercedes-Benz USA wanted to bring female-centric stories to life in a way that would inspire the next generation.


In late 2018 we produced the first film in a new series to tell the story of the woman who started it all: Bertha Benz, the world’s first long-distance car driver, and the wife of automobile inventor Karl Benz. 


Looking through the brand’s archives, we were also inspired by the story of another female pioneer—Ewy Rosqvist, the first woman to win a long distance car rally, beating her competitors (by three hours) in the 1962 Argentinian Grand Prix. 


Despite making history nearly six decades ago, we knew that Ewy’s story of having no limits is still a relevant and rich source of inspiration for young women today.


The Story

We produced the “Unexpected Champion” film to tell Ewy’s powerful story with incredible archival footage narrated by Ewy herself. Launched during International Women’s History month in 2019, the short film inspires women—and men—of all ages, but we didn’t stop there. 


Beyond celebrating Ewy’s victory, her car has been turned into a tangible reminder for young girls that they, too, have no limits. We partnered with Mattel to transform Ewy’s championship Mercedes-Benz 220SE into a limited edition die-cast Matchbox car for girls. 


It was unveiled with a video by R/GA (titled “No Limits”) to illuminate how gender stereotypes are shaped at an early age and to challenge the notion that toy cars are for boys only.


Beginning in 2020, the Matchbox cars will be available to purchase across the U.S. and also donated to thousands of classrooms along with a discussion guide for teachers.

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