Ready to Run NYC



The Challenge

The NYC Marathon brings people together, from all over the world, so they can race 26.2 miles in one of the greatest cities. But the magic of the event isn’t only found in the runners. It's also found in the 200,000+ spectators who are inspired by the endurance, strength, and commitment required of marathon athletes.


For many, a marathon feels like an impossible task, and the admiration they feel the day-of dissipates in the distance between how they see a marathon runner and how they see themselves.


Fueled by the fundamental belief that everyone is an athlete, Nike NYC wanted to create a rallying cry that brought the spirit of the marathon to every New Yorker, in the hopes of inspiring them to run this city. Because they already are. 


The Story

Everyone knows that people walk fast AF in New York. They’re the fastest walkers in the U.S. and the 8th fastest walkers in the world. They’re so fast, they’re practically running. But, even then, most New Yorkers don’t consider themselves “runner-runners.” 


To prove that they are, Nike NYC created five vignettes — released just in time for the New York City Marathon. Featuring real, everyday New Yorkers, each video touched on true-to-life stories about the typical work rush, beating a crosswalk, hustling, squeezing everything into one day, and seeing every side of the city. 


At the height of marathon week, Nike NYC released one more piece: an anthem video featuring the fastest marathoner in the world and the first runner to break 2 — Kipchoge. In it, he weaved all five stories together with a simple message: “If you’re in New York, you’re a runner. Even if you don’t know it yet.”   


Check out the anthem video here or on the Nike YouTube channel, and watch all of the #ReadytoRunNYC vignettes on Instagram (@nikenyc).