Re-Imagining The Golden Globe Award

Hollywood Foreign Press Association


The Challenge

The Golden Globe Award is one of Hollywood’s prestigious accolades, it’s the first major award of the entertainment season. At a time when all eyes should be on the award, and the organization behind it - the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - the brand loses visibility.


The Golden Globe Award’s design made it one of the hardest awards to hold, and it didn’t measure up next to larger competitors like the Oscars and Emmys. Winners would awkwardly grab the globe at the top - blocking the branding from the camera’s view, as the boxy marble base was hard to grasp. Many other design elements had developed due to manufacturing changes, rather than design or ergonomics.


In addition, the organization was faced with more and more counterfeit awards becoming available online - and struggled to prove the award’s authenticity.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1560461613/production/file-5d02c12d6a119d1235cb0729


The Story

We worked with the HFPA to re-imagine the statuette through orchestrated product design.


Using 3D printing techniques, we tried different variations and materials - several types of marble, and gold finishes. We looked at embossing and debossing, and how the product looked in real life and on screen.


The final design features a sturdier base with subtle branding underneath for when winners hold the award aloft - a taller and larger cylindrical column in brushed 24 carat gold with enhanced HFPA branding at the neck. It also retains the iconic Golden Globe atop the statuette.


We also integrated NFC technology - in partnership with R/GA Ventures company Digiseq - who provisioned winner’s information live at the awards as they were announced. This reassured winners that they had won an authentic piece of Hollywood history, and allows the HFPA to prove ownership for any new award.


By changing the ergonomics of the award statuette, we were subliminally encouraging winners to hold it differently, making the award more telegenic. With this redesign, the HFPA has set a new bar for maximizing the branding potential of each award-winning moment, while ushering a traditional brand into the 21st century and future proofing the award.,fl_progressive,q_auto:low,fl_lossy,f_auto,h_700,w_1920/v1560461631/production/file-5d02c13e4f13911218ee43b0