TIM Blah Surfing Bird



The Challenge

Launch the TIM Blah app.


The Story

Everybody’s heard about the bird! And if you’re a Brazilian teenager, chances are you’ve also heard about TIM blah, the company’s recently-launched communication app that allows people to talk anyway they want – through chat, message, voice or video. The app also makes it easy for people to create groups and share content straight to their social networks.


To launch the app, R/GA created a YouTube and broadcast campaign in which the famous memes are sharing the news about a Surfing Bird, the character created for the campaign, inspired by the famous The Trashman’s song. The bird was produced entirely in 3D, with posture and movements inspired by professional surfers. The scenes of the Keyboard Cat were made and licensed by Charlie Schmidt – owner of the original world-famous feline. The Dramatic Chipmunk’s scene was also licensed by its original creator, the Japanese © TV TOKYO


“The campaign demonstrates blah’s most important features in a very unique and interesting way. It will certainly get people’s attention,” said Livia Marquez, TIM’s Director of Advertising and Brand.


The project’s scope went way beyond the campaign; R/GA designed the brand, the app’s interface, and is now creating an in-app activation that will allow users to add the “Surfing Bird” as a friend to receive daily internet memes. Paulo Melchiori, vp executive creative director of R/GA São Paulo explains it best: “We see the Blah project as a great example of what we do: platforms and campaigns seamlessly integrated through a whole idea.”

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