Waze Carpool



The Challenge

Launch the campaign for the new Waze product, Waze Carpool. We needed to make the most of the routes that would already happen anyway - like going to work and coming home - for the launch of the app, which helps users save time and money, in addition to reducing the impact on the environment while helping reducing traffic in urban centers.



The Story

To celebrate this novelty and share the direct benefits of the ride, we created a movement to encourage this practice. The #movethecity campaign also proposes a change in behavior. Based on the concept "Carona no Waze improves you, improves the city", R / GA created nine films designed for the digital environment, one more informative and eight that exhibit common bad behavior in traffic, but which can be transformed with presence of a ride. The various characters unfolded in different media formats to publicize the movement on Youtube, Spotify, BuzzFeed, Integrated Out-of-home, Elemídia and on social networks.



The Result

Brazil now represents 48% of Waze's rides globally, and grows 2.5x more than other markets.